Walmart Drops Visa, Proving the Potential of Bitcoin's Low ...


Doing some digging on discord for the parsnip... I've ruled out PayPal, and Pornhub, Google, eBay, Facebook. I know I'm reaching on some of these, but I would try and think of it on a psychology level: NDA means he can't say who the partner is? Along with that, I would assume he wouldn't speak bad on the partner as well...
Things I think it could be that are household names already since sunerok kinda mentions that in his video:
Companies it definitely isn't: PayPal eBay Google Overstock Walmart. Facebook (Some Fiat) Not a Bank From the way its described , I doubt its pornhub or porn related. Why would porn be brought up in all main stream news that they are accepting a crypto currency.
Possible Companies:
MasterCard Visa Sony Amazon Target? Not sure if this is a global company... Has any of these been verified that couldn't be them? Im sure there are many other options, but these were my main guesses...
some screenshots
Random Notes: Reaches people that aren't even in crypto, which will cause a big influx of people coming in. This will put is at the top. This is probably the largest adoption of a non-top 3 coin to ever happen it could be the single largest adoption of a currency or virtual currency to happen ever. "Do we want verge to sit on an exchange and be traded back and forth for bitcoin[or be something else]. The company will use verge as a currency (it doesn't use any crypto currently. The company shut down at 5:00 pm(duh), Major Corporation. Global Company(and will reach news around the world). High Traffic Website. Will be exclusive to verge for a long time. Not a Government. Their HQ is not in Florida. Binance helped them get the partnership. This partnership will keep us in the top 5. Deals with commerce.
and the one that gets me excited, "a lot of the guesses aren't anywhere near as big as the partner".
Edit2 Another thought I had was Western Union or MoneyGram
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An Optimistic Insight (which we desperately need.)

Yes, times are tough right now. 2018 hasn't been the year of the bull we all expected it to be. Our rocket ship to the moon is seemingly sputtering, running out of oxygen and fuel. It's been a quarter where of all of us are desperately clutching our portfolios, while we watch our coins dip deeper and deeper into the sea of blood red. 50... 60... 70... 80 percent losses. FUD is at an all-time high. Regulations are scary. Every single exchange is being hacked these days. Some of us have ignored it, turned off the ol' crypto machine, and stepped away in the "Pursuit of HODLING". Some of us have failed that journey because we took out 2nd mortgages and delved into seriously unpayable credit card debt to "get rich quick" with this thing that was supposed to take off to the moon overnight. Dollar cost averaging? TTM Squeezes? Never heard of those, but I bought Bitcoin at 20k, where are my returns? (I'd put a /s, but there is probably someone reading this who is in this position.)
However, I promised an "optimistic insight" here. The pure, unadulterated fact is that we, as a community of equal-part investor, equal-part financial revolution enthusiast, needed this purge to happen. The market (broadly speaking), once fueled by blind optimism and hope, viewed Bitcoin as nothing more than a "not-so-well-kept" secret lottery ticket, and nothing more. Ask a friend or relative (one of which you don't incessantly complain to that Cardano hasn't moved in weeks) and they likely think of Bitcoin as a "get rich quick scheme" where blockchains and Binance are novel buzzwords, and people are losing their houses because they believed Bitcoin was the answer. Just one look at the YouTube comments on most crypto-related videos, and you see that mentality manifest itself:
"Didn't Bitcoin die in 2017?" "Bitcoin was a bubble." "whoa.. Is Bitcoin the new Crossfit?" <-- literally just found this. Pure gold.
So where is this "optimistic insight"?
We know better. That's literally it. We're smarter more informed than the average public of headline reading, bite-sized news digesting simpletons know-it-alls. They couldn't care less about reading into blockchain technology, TPS advancements, or the "thrill" of finding out what the SEC will classify our funds as. We are armed with so many resources right now to DYOR, but the problem is we're looking in the same places that the average Joe gets his news. Death and destruction everywhere. Investors lay as carnage, wasted to the beast of the bear market. Cointelegraph is literally Buzzfeed/TMZ for crypto. Cancerous. There is so, so, so, so, so much more to be excited about in the future for this technology. We all know it - but the public has no idea. Yet.
Whether you're here lurking for financial advice, or perhaps you're the creator of insert your coin's name here (Hi, Charlie!) We all desperately want to see this bear market turn around. However, it's important to keep in mind what is in our control and what isn't. 99% of us (if not 100%) don't own nearly enough of the market to decide its fate - and there's a certain sense of relief to knowing that it is, in every fiscal sense, completely out of our hands. What is in our control, is finding out what our coins and tokens are up to, getting excited, getting people excited about the projects that they're undertaking. Don't be the "I-told-you-so" crypto-know-it-all. Be an evangelist for the great things we're doing. Partnerships are being made almost daily at this point. Take a good, hard look at your portfolio and adjust accordingly - because I promise you, when this bear market is over, the coins that continued to persevere and move forward and get the people pumped about their advancements will make the 2017 bull run look like child's play. This technology is far too important for the future of our world for it not to. I'm not saying we're going to topple the governments, banks are going to surrender to crypto and claim insolvency, beg us crypto-holders for forgiveness... etc, you get the picture. That may be your focal reason for investing - but it's not the time for that. Right now, blockchain technology is the right idea at the wrong time - and that's fine. If you're reading this at any point in 2018, congrats. You're still here as an early adopter. Yes, it may not seem this way during the hellacious bear run we've come across - but soak up every discount you can find. They won't last long.
The future is only waiting for the "big" players to realize the revolution we are starting, but that starts with us realistically embracing what we're endorsing. A future exists where walking into Walmart or Starbucks and paying with insert your favorite coin here is a reality. It may seem far away, but that's the whole point of being an early adopter. Embody the change you want to see in the world.
The returns will follow shortly thereafter.
tl;dr - don't worry, be happy and DYOR.
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Buy Bitcoin & 50+ Cryptocurrencies.

We're now a global cryptocurrency exchange. Enjoy the benefit of trading over 50+ cryptocurrencies on a single platform. Start buying instantly without KYC. We accept both credit & debit cards and instant bank withdrawals when selling on our platform.
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Evolution of Exchanges

Swap.Online delves into the background of centralized and decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges. As decentralization is our name for the game, we would primarily like to find out whether it was inevitable or not.

From Childhood to the Golden Age: DCEs and CEXs

The first centralized cryptocurrency exchanges had two main pre-historical roots of origin. Ideologically, they originated from the e-commerce exchange services of the early 2000s. Digital Currency Exchanges, or DCEs, were particularly popular in the U.S. and Australia. GoldAge Inc., E-Gold Inc., Liberty Reserve were frequently seen in the headlines mostly due to legal issues, as the U.S. SEC, as well as the Australian ASIC failed many times over to figure out whether the e-gold exchange was a form of banking, money laundering, non-licensed remittances or illegal entrepreneurship. These services exchanged fiat money on different digital currencies (1MDC, E-Gold, eCache etc.) and, in a way, fulfilled the demand of New World and EU citizens for anonymous transactions of digital and fiat money.
But, in fact, the first significant cryptocurrency exchange arose from a surprising source… The website of the online game “Magic: The Gathering Online”. This game’s name refers to a magical world, where the currency system is represented in the form of cards. Jed McCaleb, the programmer from San Francisco and future contributor for Ripple and Stellar, developed the Mt.Gox project with the purpose of trading these cards like traditional stocks. In January 2007, he purchased the domain name, but in 2008, he abandoned the project as a premature venture. One year later, he used this domain to advertise his own online game. In the year of 2010, he read about the concept of Bitcoin and decided to launch the Mt.Gox exchange and exchange rate service allowing to trade Bitcoin freely. The project was released on July 18, 2010.
Rapid commercial growth started when the product was sold to the French-Japanese developer Mark Karpeles in January 2011. It was the year 2011 when Mt.Gox demonstrated the main security challenges that traditional centralized exchanges will encounter all along their development path in the future. These included direct thefts from the platform’s wallets, attacks with multiple ‘ask’ orders, malefactor invasions resulting in price drops (one day, in the spring of 2011, 1 BTC was worth less than 0.01 USD) etc. By the way, the dramatic collapse of February 2014, with more than 750K BTC lost and the $65M civil suit in Tokyo court were still to come. During the years 2012–2013, every 3 of 4 Bitcoins in the world was sold via Mt.Gox, and it was a real success story.
The years 2011–2012 gave birth to the bulk of top centralized cryptocurrency exchanges. BTCC was founded in June 2011 as the first exchange for the Chinese market. At the same time, American developer Jesse Powell had spent a month visiting Mt.Gox offices to offer assistance in the aftermath of the first hack. He was unsatisfied with the level of business organization, and that was how Kraken was founded in July 2011. The infamous BTC-e platform for exchanging rubles for BTC was also launched in July 2011. In late 2011, the largest American exchange BitInstant was founded and started selling Bitcoin via WalMart and Walgreen. 2012 became the year of origin for Bitfinex, Coinbase (first Ethereum marketplace) and LocalBitcoins.

Pros and Cons of Centralized Exchanges

We are now six or seven years away of those days. Today, hundreds of centralized exchanges are offering the services of exchanging BTC, ERC-20 and another cryptos. We can even hardly classify them. Usually, specialists speak about three mainstream types of centralized exchanges.
Trading platforms. They connect buyers and sellers to each other, allowing them to publish trading orders and take some transactional fees (most commonly 0,3 per cent from the taker of the liquidity). For example,, BitFinex, BitStamp belong to this group. Usually, these platforms are characterized by a complicated interface, which is not suitable for newbies.
Cryptocurrency brokers. If a trading platform is a local market where you buy goods from their producers, the broker is a small player on the market. They sell coins at definite prices while setting high fees, but allow acquiring cryptos in a simpler manner. Moreover, most of them support a broad range of payment tools. Coinbase, Coinmama, Coinhouse are among the most popular brokers.
Peer-to-peer-services. They simply allow their users to publish announcements about operations with cryptos. The buyer and the seller directly negotiate the prices. It is even possible to find one selling crypto for cash in your neighborhood. The most remarkable example here is LocalBitcoins.
As one can see, now the range of services offered is truly broad. By the way, there is a list of common complaints regarding centralized exchanges both from traders and crypto theoreticians.
Safety. Even a single point of centralization can lead to the massive theft of users’ funds and keys. More than a million BTCs have been stolen by the time of writing of this article.
Regulation. If the center (or even one of the centers) of a CEX is physically located in some country, the position of this country’s government on ICOs and crypto related issues becomes crucial for the future of the project. Legal restrictions in this sector are now imposed in the U.S., China, South Korea, India etc. When your exchange is centralized, the officials can arrest your cryptos for no reason. Moreover, the administration of the exchange can be involved in fraud with your private information and money.
Speed. We have conducted some particular research on the speed of popular CEXs (Binance, Huobi, Poloniex, see p. 11). The results are sad: you can wait dozens of minutes waiting for the pending of your transaction.
KYC/AML. There is nothing to talk about in this regard, we suppose. If you must send someone your photo, a scanned copy of your ID or even proof of income wanting nothing in return but to withdraw your own funds, it is not OK.

Decentralization: The Solution

Decentralization, as the initial meaning and internal essence of blockchain, smart-contracts and cryptocurrencies, was first italicized by Satoshi Nakamoto and even Nick Szabo in 1990–2000-s. The rise of CEXs resulted in an obvious contradiction, because blockchain-based currencies are being operated via centralized mechanisms just like Visa or MasterCard, but much slowly. Is it normal? Where is the next stage of evolution or, does it even exist in the first place?
The answer was the main point of arguments in the crypto community during the year of 2017. In February, Vitalik came out with the suggestion about the nature of blockchain’s decentralization: “Blockchains are politically decentralized (no one controls them) and architecturally decentralized (no infrastructural central point of failure), but they are logically centralized (there is one commonly agreed state and the system behaves like a single computer)”.
The only possible expression in the commercial implementation of ‘architectural decentralization’ is the decentralized exchange of cryptocurrencies.
And the most advanced technology in this case is that of the Atomic Swaps — the direct peer-to-peer instant cross-chain transaction.
CEXs were the natural and inevitable stage of development for cryptocurrency exchanges. By the way, the DEXs are coming: we found them (namely IDEX, EtherDelta and Waves DEX) on the list of the top-100 exchanges on Coinmarketcap.
So, the Swap.Online team is on the right track. Get ready for ERC-20 ⇔ BTC, ETH ⇔ BTC, USDT ⇔ BTC, EOS ⇔ BTC trading directly from your browser with neither middlemen nor a centralized infrastructure.
See you on the mainnet on August 27, 2018,
Swap.Online Team
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How To Buy Bitcoin On Binance With Debit Card Fast? - YouTube TARJETA BITCOIN  Binance Card  👍 (visa) - YouTube Binance Crypto Debit Card for Europe & UK How To Use Debit / Credit Cards On Binance Exchange ... HOW TO BUY BITCOINS WITH CREDIT CARD/ DEBIT CARDS ON BINANCE How to Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card / Debit Card on ... Use a Debit Card on Binance US to Buy Bitcoin! - YouTube Ex. Binance: Bitcoin Rally & BTC & Ethereum Signal! - YouTube #925 Binance Debit Card, Diamanten auf Ethereum Blockchain & BTC Hodler verkaufen nicht How to Buy Crypto with Credit Card on Binance  FAST ...

Buying bitcoin with the credit card has become very easy; all primary exchange like Coin base, Binance, Okex, Kucoin, Kraken, Bitfinex allows you to get bitcoin with your credit card You just have to create an account with any of these exchanges and validate your account by proving your identity with your ID Card, Passport or driving license, etc Binance cryptocurrency exchange - We operate the worlds biggest bitcoin exchange and altcoin crypto exchange in the world by volume Binance US enables you to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by ACH, Debit Card, Bank transfer, and wire transfer. With Automated clearing house (ACH) payments you can buy any altcoin up to your daily ACH transfer limit. When Bitcoin supporters praise their favorite currency, one of the great attributes everyone discusses is the network’s low fees, paling in comparison to the major credit card companies such as ... Buy Walmart gift card with bitcoins or 50 altcoins Buy now a Walmart gift card with Bitcoin, Litecoin or one of 50 other crypto currencies offered. After you have paid, you will instantly receive the voucher code by email. The transfers can be made by anyone at Walmart store. Buy Bitcoin at Walmart. Walmart is not actually selling the bitcoins, a person has to follow certain step to complete the charges a small fee for sending money. They charge as follows: $4 fee for a $0-$50 transfer; $8 fee for a $50-$1,000 transfer; $16 fee for a $1,000-$2,500 transfer 4. Discuss Alternative Methods for Buying Bitcoin at Walmart • Cash deposit This is the most common way to buy bitcoin in Walmart. You deposit cash at the Walmart teller and buy bitcoin from potential sellers from your location. • Gift card You can use a gift card to exchange for bitcoin around your area. Pick a gift card and ensure you ...

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How To Buy Bitcoin On Binance With Debit Card Fast? - YouTube

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